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Tag Rewards

NASCO operates a Tag Return Incentive Scheme. Individually identifiable, external tags (all tags from West Greenland) that are returned to the appropriate authorities in the country of capture are eligible for inclusion in the draw. Each year a Grand Prize of £1,500 is awarded together with three prizes of £1,000, one in each of NASCO's three Commission areas.

In 2017, the prize winners came from Argentina, Canada, Greenland and the Russian Federation.

Grand Prize: The winning tag was of Russian origin. It was applied to an overwintered autumn run grisle on the Gold Beach beat of the Ponoi River about 73 km from the river outlet on 5 June 2016. It was recaptured on 10 June 2016, about 3km further upstream at the Purnach beat.

North American Commisson: The winning tag was of Canadian origin. It was applied to a small salmon on 10 July 2016 at the Millerton estuary trapnet which is used as part of the assessment program for Atlantic salmon in the Miramich River. It was recaptured on 14 July 2016 at Quarryville Pool just above the head of tide on the Southwest Miramichi River. It was subsequently released by the angler as there were mandatory catch and release measures in place.

North-East Atlantic Commission: The winning tag was of Russian origin. It was applied to a fresh autumn run Salmon on 10 September 2015 at the Falls Creek beat of the Ponoi River about 60 km from the river outlet. It was recaptured as an overwintered pre-spawning adult fish on 23 September 2016 at Gold Beach beat about 13 km upstream from the place of tagging.

West Greenland Commission: The winning tag had been applied to a hatchery smolt released below the Mactaquac Dam in the St. John River, Canada on 30 April 1973. It was probably recaptured at 1974 in West Greenland, NAFO Division 1E.

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