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Strategic Approach

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'Next Steps' Review

To mark its Twentieth Anniversary NASCO undertook a review in 2004/2005 of the challenges it faces in the management and conservation of wild Atlantic salmon and ways in which these challenges may be met in the coming decade. This review was called the ‘Next Steps for NASCO’. In undertaking this review, NASCO sought, through open consultation meetings, input from all stakeholders interested in the management and conservation of Atlantic salmon.

In the light of the findings of the review, the Council adopted a Strategic Approach for NASCO's 'Next Steps' under which NASCO's vision is as follows:

NASCO will pursue the restoration of abundant Atlantic salmon stocks throughout the species’ range with the aim of providing the greatest possible benefits to society and individuals.

To achieve this vision, NASCO will:

  • be committed to the measures and agreements it develops and actively review progress with implementation plans;
  • increase its effectiveness and efficiency by ensuring that it uses the best available knowledge to inform its actions and by actively seeking to identify and respond to new opportunities and threats;
  • ensure transparency in its operations and enhance the use of NGO and stakeholder knowledge and experience;
  • increase its visibility and raise its profile in international, national and local communities by developing its communications and public relations activities

Implementing the Strategic Approach

In order to achieve transparency and increase awareness of the Organization's work, NASCO has taken steps to greatly increase the involvement of NGOs Read more...  and is developing a Public Relations Strategy Read more...

In 2007,  each jurisdiction developed an Implementation Plan detailing the measures to be taken over a five year (2007 - 2012) period in order to improve commitment to NASCO’s agreements, Read more...  In 2011, at the end of the first cycle of reporting under these Implementation Plans, the Council reviewed the 'Next Steps' process and agreed on further actions to improve the process, Read more...  Additionally, an External Performance Review of NASCO's work was conducted in 2012 which also provided recommendations on the way forward for the Organization, Read more...

In 2012, a new five year Implementation Plan cycle (2013-2018) was initiated. Read more...

External Performance Review

The External Performance Review Panel commended the 'Next Steps' process and the great efforts made by NASCO to address issues affecting all phases of the salmon's life cycle; in the rivers, in estuaries and during the migration from natal waters to the feeding areas in areas beyond fisheries jurisdiction. Importantly, the process has also addressed external impacts, such as habitat destruction in river, habitat restoration and the effect of aquaculture near salmon rivers. The Review recommended a continuation of the process, within the framework of the Strategic Approach, which has provided a comprehensive framework for the work to be undertaken.

Although NASCO is currently reviewing how to implement the recommendations arising from this review, the Council has agreed to commence a new cycle of Implementation Plans and Annual Progress reporting in 2013. In this second cycle, there will be greater emphasis on: the actions to be taken over a five year period; clearly identifiable measurable outcomes and timescales; and appropriate monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken, Read more...

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