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Supporting the Board

These are challenging times for the wild Atlantic salmon and there is an urgent need to discover the causes of the increased mortality in the ocean and the opportunities to address them. Major new research initatives have been conducted through the Board's SALSEA Programme and ongoing research is planned. Individuals and companies with an interest in the future of this priceless asset are invited to participate in this innovative research. If you would like to contribute to the work of the Board then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Support from the Board

The Board has already funded, or has committed to fund, major international research projects, workshops and symposia related to improving understanding of mortality of the Atlantic salmon at sea. It has endorsed other initiatives.  Proposals submitted to the Board in support of its goals, either seeking an endorsement or funding from the Board, will be evaluated by the Board’s Scientific Advisory Group. The Board has developed Guidelines to assist those seeking support. Read more...

In 2014, the Board agreed to support the following project:

  • Enhancement of a North American Atlantic salmon genetic baseline for individual and stock identification and application of the baseline to historical scales collected at West Greenland. Read more...
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