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Salmon Summit Presentations

Scene Setting Overviews  

Global challenges in sustainable utilization of marine ecosystems

Overview of the status of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in the North Atlantic and trends in marine mortality

Both predation and feeding opportunities may explain changes in survival of Baltic salmon post-smolts

Overview of the status of salmon in the North Pacific and trends in marine mortality

The North Atlantic in the era of global change

A discussion of the processes behind the correlation between declining North Atlantic salmon and increasing Northern Hemisphere temperature


The SALSEA Programme – unravelling the life of the Atlantic salmon at sea

Distribution and Migration of Salmon at Sea  

Analysis of historical tagging data from the salmon fisheries at West Greenland and the Faroe Islands

GRAASP: a genetic tool for advancing understanding of the marine ecology of Atlantic salmon in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Extending understanding of marine migration, ecology and mortality of Atlantic salmon post-smolts using oceanographic modeling, recaptured tagged salmon and SALSEA-GRAASP

Marine distribution of regional Atlantic salmon post-smolt stocks in the NE Atlantic ascertained by microsatellite DNA based assignment

SALSEA North America: A pelagic ecosystem survey targeting Atlantic salmon in the Northwest Atlantic

Sonic tracking of Atlantic salmon smolts to sea: correlates of survival and lessons on the migration pathway

Tracking Atlantic salmon migration at sea by use of pop-up satellite tags
- surprises, world records and mysteries..!


Locating adult salmon at sea using stable isotopes

The spatial and temporal distribution of salmon and the pelagic fisheries in the North-East Atlantic: A potential for by-catch?

Identifying freshwater and oceanic environmental signals from centennial Atlantic salmon catches off the North-East Atlantic

Are post-smolts running on empty? - Migration and survival in the Atlantic

Environmental conditions affecting North American and Penobscot River populations of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

The decline and fall of Fraser River sockeye salmon and their immaculate resurrection from an intervention of oceanic origin

Food Production, Growth, Trophic and Other Ecological Interactions  

How climate and post-smolt growth control marine mortality in Atlantic salmon; the potential effects of a changing climate on the marine survival of Atlantic salmon

Regional and temporal variation in marine growth of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar, L.)  from North-East Atlantic populations – links to marine survival and oceanographic conditions

Ocean climate impacts on growth condition of 1SW and 2SW salmon returning to Scotland

Prey quality affects the production of wild Pacific salmon in the northern California Current Ecosystem

Characterizing trophic status and shift in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, from freshwater to marine life-cycle phases

Stable isotope evidence for the effect of climatic variations on salmon diet and marine mortality

The diet of Atlantic salmon post-smolts during their first feeding season in the North-East Atlantic

Atlantic salmon foraging ecology in the Northwest Atlantic

Implications for Salmon Management  

The influence of the freshwater environment and the biological characteristics of Atlantic salmon smolts on their subsequent marine survival

Minimising the impact of climate change on Atlantic salmon populations in freshwater


Determining the continent-of-origin (COO) and region-of-origin (ROO) of Atlantic salmon collected at West Greenland 1995-2010:  A review of the findings and a look at what the future holds for molecular genetics methods of mixed-stock assignment

What tools are left in the manager’s toolbox – challenges to conservation of Atlantic salmon in eastern Canada.

Ramifications of persistent low marine survival to Atlantic salmon management in the US

Use of marine ecosystem productivity indicators along the US west coast to forecast annual returns of Pacific salmon and improve harvest management:  a role for long term observations

Managing salmon stocks and fisheries in a changing environment