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The SALSEA-Merge Project

SALSEA-Merge was an ambitious, three year, €5.5 million scientific project to investigate the migration and distribution of salmon in the North-East Atlantic. The project was supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological development. Funding was also provided by the Partner organisations, the Total Foundation and the Atlantic Salmon Trust. SALSEA-Merge was officially launched on the 16 May 2008 in Killybegs, Ireland.

Vision & Objectives

SALSEA-Merge delivered innovation in the areas of: genetic stock identification techniques; new genetic marker development; fine scale estimates of growth on a weekly and monthly basis; the use of novel high seas pelagic trawling technology; individual stock-linked estimates of food and feeding patterns; and novel stock specific migration and distribution models. 

The Project merged genetic and ecological investigations, to advance understanding of stock specific migration and distribution patterns and overall ecology of the marine life of Atlantic salmon and delivered insights into the factors resulting in increases in marine mortality. The final documents resulting from this Project are now available. See below:

Completed Final Report SALSEA-Merge View
SALSEA-Merge DoW View
D1.1 Report on Integration Strategy & Database Structure View
D1.2 Report on New Regional Markers View
D1.3 Web-based Trans-European Genotype Database View
D2.3 Tissues from marine Samples for Genetic & Biological Analysis View
D2.4 Electronic Database of Biological Information on Marine Samples View

D3.1 Report on Genetic Assignment of Archive Samples to River or Region of Origin

D3.2 Report on Genetic Assignment of Marine Survey Samples to River or Region of Origin View
D4.1 Electronic database of Digital Scale Images and Growth Data View
D4.2 Electronic Database of Results of Growth Indices View
D4.3 Report on Stomach Sampling & Analyses View
D5.1 & 6.4 SALSEA-Merge GIS pdf Atlas View
D5.2 Report on Analysis of Distribution of Post-Smolts View
D5.3 Report Describing a Conceptual & Ecological Model View
D6.3 Participation & Presentation of Papers at International Symposium View
SALSEA-Merge EU Article View
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