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Structure of SALSEA


Work Package 1
Supporting Technologies

Canadian Trawl
Courtesy of D Reddin,
DFO Canada

Task 1
Genetic tagging to determine stock origin
Task 2
Sampling equipment evolution
Task 3
Signals from scales


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Work Package 2
Early Migration

Smolt Wheel
Task 1
Biological characteristics of smolts
Task 2
Physical factors in freshwater
Task 3
Preparing to migrate
Task 4
Key predators
Task 5
Impacts of aquaculture on early survival

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Work Package 3
Oceanic Distribution and Migration

Faroese Trawl
Courtesy of Faroese
Fisheries Laboratory
Task 1
Distribution/ migration mechanisms
Task 2
A common approach
Task 3
Salmon at sea
Task 4
distribution and migration

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Work Package 4

SALSEA Website
Task 1
Promoting SALSEA
Task 2
SALSEA on-line
Task 3
SALSEA symposium
Task 4
SALSEA report
Task 5
SALSEA administration

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