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The SALSEA Programme

SALSEA is an international programme of co-operative research, adopted in 2005, designed to improve understanding of the migration and distribution of salmon at sea in relation to feeding opportunities and predation.

SALSEA contains a comprehensive mix of freshwater, estuarine, coastal and offshore elements, ensuring a thorough overview of factors which may affect the mortality of Atlantic salmon and the opportunities to counteract them. It differentiates between tasks which can be achieved through enhanced co-ordination of existing ongoing research, and those involving new research for which funding is required. SALSEA comprises four separate Work Packages:

    1. Supporting technologies
    2. Early migration through the inshore zone
    3. Investigating the distribution and migration of salmon at sea
    4. Communications

Frequently asked questions about SALSEA...
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Since 2008, as envisaged under Work Package 3, the IASRB has implemented a major programme of marine surveys in the North-East (SALSEA Merge) and Northwest (SALSEA North America) Atlantic and enhanced sampling at West Greenland (SALSEA West Greenland), and there have been other major research initiatives.

In 2011, a major international symposium, the 'Salmon Summit' was organised by NASCO and ICES to review the findings from the SALSEA Programme. Read more about SALSEA findings...

Photos courtesy of the Marine Institute, Ireland; Atlantic Salmon Federation, Canada; Gilbert van Ryckevorsel; Dr Jens Christian Holst, Norway; Atlantic Salmon Federation & Bill Curtsing, Canada; Dr Jens Christian Holst, Norway; Mr David Reddin, Canada.

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