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Salmon Summit

The 'Salmon Summit', an international symposium Co-Convened by NASCO and ICES entitled 'Salmon at Sea: Scientific Advances and their Implications for Management', was held at L'Aquarium, La Rochelle, France, in October 2011. 'The Summit' was sponsored by the Total Foundation. The objectives of the Symposium were:

  • to review recent advances in our understanding of the migration, distribution and survival of salmon at sea and the factors influencing them;
  • to consider the management implications of recent advances in understanding of the salmon’s marine life;
  • to identify gaps in current understanding and future research priorities;
  • to increase awareness of recent research efforts to improve understanding of salmon at sea and to encourage support for future research.

Following peer review, some of the scientific papers have been published in a symposium issue of the ICES Journal of Marine Science (Vol. 69 (9)). A second report, 'Atlantic salmon at sea: Findings from recent research and their implications for management', focuses on the management implications and applications of the research presented in La Rochelle. Documents from the Summit are available below:

Press release
Session Summaries:

Introduction & Scene Setting

Distribution & Migration of Salmon at Sea

Food Production, Growth, Trophic & Other Ecological Interactions

Implications for Management

Take-home Messages
Atlantic salmon at sea: Findings from recent research and their implications for management
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