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Projects by SALSEA Work Package

SALSEA Work Packages
Ongoing Projects
Completed Projects

Work package 1 : Supporting technologies

Task 1: Genetic tagging to determine stock origin

Task 2: Sampling equipment evolution

Task 3: Signals from scales

C24, D1, N21, U9, F1



C9, C13, C14, C21, Fi2, Fr3, Ir6, Ew6, Ew10, Ew18, Sc5, Sc7, Sc8, N11, N17, N19, R3


C8, C19, Ew12, N1, U2

Work package 2: Early migration through the inshore zone: fresh water, eatuaries and coastal waters

Task 1: Investigate the influence of biological characteristics of Atlantic salmon smolts on their marine mortality

Task 2: The impacts of physical factors in fresh water on marine mortality of Atlantic salmon

Task 3: Preparing to migrate – investigate the influence of freshwater contaminants on the marine survival of Atlantic salmon

Task 4: The part played by key predators

Task 5: The impact of aquaculture on mortality of salmon

C17, C26, De3, Fi1, Fr2, Ir8, Ir15, Sw1, Ew11, Ni2, Sc3, N14, R2




Ir11, N13

Ir2, U6

Fr1, Ew5, Ew8, Ew9, Ew13, Ew15

C7, Ew2, Ew7, Ew14

Sc2, U8, U12

Ir1, Ir3, Ir7, Ew3, N4, N9, N10, N16, N20

Work Package 3: Investigating the distribution and migration of salmon at sea

Task 1: Distribution and migration mechanisms – develop theoretical migration models

Task 2: A common approach – refine the plans for a large-scale marine survey

Task 3: Salmon at sea: carry out a comprehensive survey
- marine surveys

- acoustic tagging surveys

- data storage tags

- others

Task 4: Distribution and migration – analyse and collate data




C16, C18, C25, De4, De5, Ir12, Ir13, Ir14, Ni3, N18, U4, U5, U13, U16


Ir10, Sc6, U14


Ew4, N2, U1


C2, C6, C15, E2, N7, N8, U7

C1, C3, C4, C5, C10, C11, C12, C20, C22, C23, De1, De2, Ir5, Ir9, Ew1, N5, N12, N15, U3


N3, N6, R1, U11


Appendix 1: Supporting technologies, further development of which will support the SALSEA programme

1. Novel trawl sampling technologies

2. Data storage tags

3. Coded wire tagging

4. Sonic tags and sonic detector arrays





Ir4, Sc1





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