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About the Board

The IASRB was established by NASCO to promote collaboration and co-operation on research into the causes of marine mortality of Atlantic salmon and the opportunities to counteract it.

Each NASCO Party is a founding member of the Board which also includes representation from NASCO's affiliated Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).

The Board maintains an inventory of research projects; identifies research gaps and needs; funds approved projects; and provides a forum for co-ordination of research efforts. Read more...

The Board maintains a metadatabase of data and sample collections resulting from the SALSEA Programme. Read more ....

A Scientific Advisory Group identifies research needs and priorities, makes recommendations for enhanced co-ordination of existing research, and evaluates and advises the Board on proposals for research.

The Board developed and implemented, through a public-private partnership, an innovative and comprehensive programme of marine research - the SALSEA Programme. Read more... It now seeks to encourage telemetry projects intended to partition mortality of salmon at sea, SALSEA-Track. Read more...

Salmon up stream


Salmon shoal
Courtesy of Gilbert van Ryckevorsel

Office Bearers:  

Chair of the Board:
Mr Rory Saunders
Mr Raoul Bierach
Dr Ken Whelan
Mr Jacque Robichaud
Dr Malcolm Windsor

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2007 - 2011
2002 - 2007
2001 - 2002

Chair of the Scientific Advisory Group:
Mr G Chaput
Dr N Ó Maoiléidigh
Mr Tim Sheehan
Dr Lars Hansen
Dr Malcolm Beveridge
Mr David Meerburg

2018 -
2014 - 2018
2010 - 2014
2006 - 2010
2005 - 2006
2002 - 2005

Secretary to the Board:
Dr Emma Hatfield
Dr Peter Hutchinson
Dr Malcolm Windsor

2012 -2017
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