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"The NGOs have worked successfully together with NASCO Parties to facilitate much greater transparency in its work, notably the requirement for each jurisdiction to produce an implementation plan which now creates public accountability for wild salmon management around the North Atlantic.

Close co-operation and constructive criticism are essential to help implement both vital research and practical salmon management measures aimed at conserving and restoring this iconic species."
Chris Poupard, Chairman of NASCO's NGOs 1997-2012.

NASCO seeks to be a transparent and inclusive organization and has a wide range of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with accredited observer status. The conditions governing observer status have been progressively relaxed so as to allow increased participation by the NGOs in NASCO's work in order to benefit from the considerable experience and expertise within the NGO community. Read NGO conditions...

The current Co-Chairs of NASCO's accredited NGOs are Paul Knight (Salmon and Trout Association) and Stephen G Sutton (Atlantic Salmon Federation).

The Opening Statements by the NGOs at Annual Meetings are available in the 'Newsroom'.

The following 44 NGOs have observer status to NASCO:

  Angling Council of Ireland
  The Angling Trust
  Association de Défense des Ressources Marines
  Association Internationale de Défense du Saumon Atlantique
  Atlantic Salmon Conservation Schools Network
  Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation
  Atlantic Salmon Federation, Canada
  Atlantic Salmon Federation, USA
  Atlantic Salmon Trust
  Coalition Clean Baltic
  College of the Atlantic
  Connecticut River Salmon Association
  Conservatoire National du Saumon Sauvage
  Coomhola Salmon Trust Ltd
  Der Atlantische Lachs
  Downeast Salmon Federation
  European Anglers Alliance
  Faroes Sportsfishing Association
  Federation of Irish Salmon and Sea-Trout Anglers
  Fédération Québécoise pour le Saumon Atlantique
  Fisheries Management Scotland
  Foyle Association of Salmon and Trout Anglers
  Institute of Fisheries Management
  Irish Seal Sanctuary
  Marine and Environmental Law Institute
  National Anglers Representative Association
  North Atlantic Salmon Fund, US
  Norges Bondelag (Norwegian Farmers Union)
  Norges Jeger og Fiskerforbund (Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers)
  Norske Lakseelver (Norwegian Salmon Rivers)
  Salmon and Sea Trout Recreational Anglers Ireland
  Salmon Net Fishing Association of Scotland
  Salmon and Trout Conservation UK 
  Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland 
  Salmon Watch Ireland
  Sami Parlamenta (Finland)
  Sami Parlamenta (Norway)
  Scottish Anglers National Association
  Tanavassdragets fiskeforvaltning
  Ulster Angling Federation Limited
  World Wide Fund for Nature (France)
  World Wide Fund for Nature (Norway)
  World Wildlife Fund (Russia)
  World Wildlife Fund (US)