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‘Salmon and People in a Changing World’


Call for Education and Outreach Projects

Closing Date: midnight (Universal Standard Time), October 31, 2019

Part of the European Union’s support for the International Year of the Salmon is a financial voluntary contribution to NASCO under their ‘Grants for an Action’ funding. This funding, to NASCO, will facilitate projects that will educate the public about wild Atlantic salmon, to raise awareness about the factors driving wild salmon abundance and the environmental and anthropogenic challenges they face, with a view to securing its involvement in concrete actions that contribute to the conservation of wild Atlantic salmon populations.

NASCO is welcoming proposals for Education and Outreach Projects to enable activities related to the International Year of the Salmon in countries around the North Atlantic Ocean to be funded under the EU IYS voluntary contribution.


Funds are available to organizations, communities or individuals who are within NASCO’s EU jurisdictions. Joint projects may include organizations, communities or individuals who are within NASCO’s other Parties / jurisdictions, as long as the majority of the project is carried out within NASCO’s EU jurisdictions.

Activities should be undertaken, and the grant spent, within one calendar year from the date stated in the Grant Agreement.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that the organization and management structure proposed for the project are sufficient to achieve the required quality, and the deployment of resources in relation to the objectives is cost effective.

We welcome, in particular, applications from NASCO’s accredited NGOs and their partners. Further information on the funding and how to apply is set out in the Guidelines document.


Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) will administer the call for projects. IFI is the competent authority for freshwater fish (including wild salmon) in Ireland.

Project proposals must be submitted through IFI’s online application process The online application form on the IFI website can be found here.