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Implementation Plans and Reporting

First Reporting Cycle

To improve commitment to NASCO's Agreements, each jurisdiction developed an Implementation Plan detailing the measures to be taken over a five year period (2007 - 2012) in relation to management of salmon fisheries; habitat protection and restoration; and minimising the adverse impacts of aquaculture, introductions and transfers and transgenics. Reports on progress were made through brief annual reports and Focus Area Reports intended to provide a more in-depth assessment of actions taken on a selected focus area. Both the Implementation Plans and Focus Area Reports were reviewed and the need for additional actions to ensure consistency with NASCO Agreements and Guidelines was highlighted.

View 2007 - 2012 Implementation Plans and Focus Area Reports

Second Reporting Cycle

Following a comprehensive review of the strengths and weaknesses of the first reporting cycle, the Council agreed that Implementation Plans would be the key document in the second reporting cycle (2013 - 2018). Greater emphasis would be placed on: the actions to be taken over a five year period; clearly identifiable measurable outcomes and timescales; and appropriate monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken.

Importantly, the new Implementation Plans address the issues on which additional actions were recommended by the FAR Review Groups in the first reporting cycle.  Annual Progress Reports are prepared in order to assess progress against the actions in the Implementation Plans and to report on monitoring of the effectiveness of those actions and their enforcement.  Templates were agreed in 2012 for both Implementation Plans and Annual Progress reports together with guidelines to assist in their preparation and evaluation. Both the Implementation Plans and the Annual Progress Reports are reviewed. The findings of the review of the Implementation Plans were presented to the Council at its 2013 Annual Meeting. Read more....

This approach to the second reporting cycle was endorsed by an external performance review panel in 2012. Read more...

View 2013 - 2018 Implementation Plans and Annual Progress Reports

Further information on the Reporting Cycles:

First Reporting Cycle

Second Reporting Cycle